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What is Sensory Baby Yoga?

Sensory Baby Yoga is a fun and interactive class. One Mummy described it as a “3 in 1 class- exercise for baby, exercise for Mummmy and Sensory!”

During these fun packed sessions we:
Have a minute- in this part of the class the parent has a few minutes to take a breath, practise a breathing technique and listen to our weekly parent related mantra.

  • Baby Yoga- Part 1- This is baby focussed and is where we engage the babies is a series of fun movements and stretches to songs and nursery rhymes
  • Baby Yoga –Part 2- Parents-prepare to get involved too! We have developed some wonderful yoga inspired stretches that both parent and baby can join in with together.
  • Sensory time- Using bubbles, scarves, lights and instruments, we offer baby a fabulous sensory experience not to be missed!
  • Relaxation- We finish our session by giving the babies some lovely calm time, watching a light show, underneath a parachute with relaxing music playing. Parents can join in too.

What are the benefits of baby yoga?

  • Aids muscle development and increases flexibility
  • Can improve sleep
  • Develops the early parent and baby bond
  • Can help alleviate many baby ailments including trapped wind, colic and constipation
  • Aids brain development
  • A great way to socialise and meet other parents and babies

Remember to wear clothes suitable for exercise.

Please note: We do not recommend Baby Yoga if you are in your first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Babies should not take part in Baby Yoga if they are ill or have had their immunisations within the past 24 hours.

Suitable from 6/8 week check until walking.

Friday mornings 11.45am at Brazley Community Centre


‘We love Yoga Bunnies and have been going since my baby was 2months old. Helen is fantastic and it is such a relaxed environment, with lots of different stretches for mummy and baby. One of my fave classes. Would highly recommend!

For further information on classes contact:

Helen on 07596667273


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